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Est. 1980

Whatever you do if you’re of a certain age in college, don’t let the year you graduated from college come up in conversation.  Or high-school.  Especially high-school.  And especially when that year is 1999.  This happened to me this week.  I tried to get the conversation headed in another direction but it was too late.  And my group looked at me like I had 3 heads.  I guess 1999 does sound sooo long ago.  Especially when you were “in 2nd grade” in 1999.  Yea, thanks for that.  As much of a kick as they got out of it, I have to say that everyone I have class with doesn’t really treat me as “the old lady” that I sometimes feel like.  And I wonder if I would have been the same way.  I remember a lady that was in my undergrad cohort at Miami.  She was probably in her 30’s and had decided to go back to college since her kids had started school.  I don’t think I really took the time to get to know her or find out much about her story.  And I’m sure I didn’t ask her to grab lunch or hang out after class.  But the people I am in classes with now are extremely welcoming and I feel really lucky.  I may have started out my first week feeling out of place and “old” but its not really like that anymore.  I really enjoy talking to and getting to know everyone I am meeting and don’t really feel like the “old lady on campus” anymore.  Well, except when they found out I was born in 1980…

Notebook: the new Notebook

Before school started I made my friend Jessie go with me to buy school supplies.  I have to admit, it was kind of fun.  Except for the decision making.  As anyone who knows me knows, I’m not the best at making decisions.  Should I go with the Justin Bieber, One Direction, horse and rainbow notebooks to be funny, get a binder and have different sections for each class, or maybe just some plain notebooks.  Jessie and I had a great time in Walmart going through all of the options and laughing at me pulling out my Transformers notebook in Statistics class.  The funny ones almost won out until I realized they were $2 each and the plain colors were 17 cents.  Red, blue, yellow, black, and purple it was.  I am unemployed and paying for school so any little bit helps!

Fast forward to the first day of school and I have all of my classes color coded with a notebook and folder for each.  This was how it was done at Miami.  Not so much anymore.  Now, everyone takes notes on their computer.  The professors load the slides they are going to teach onto Blackboard (which we also didn’t have at Miami) and people type their notes right onto the them.  Not me, though.  I can’t get used to it.  I still write everything down in a notebook, which takes a lot longer but I guess I’m stuck in my ways.  Seeing as not many people even bring a notebook to class, I was just very thankful I didn’t pull out one with Justin Bieber on the front of it.

Class Project

Don’t let the title of this post fool you.  I won’t be discussing a homework assignment or group project.  I am the project.  Apparently its quite comical to be so out of touch with technology.  And I thought I was doing pretty good because I know how to upload pictures from my phone straight to Facebook after they’ve been instagrammed.  Nope, thats childs play.  These current college kids taught me a whole new internet world today.  Like…Google isn’t just for “googling”.  Its sooo much more.  You can “hangout” and video chat with multiple people at once.  And you can give them beards while you’re talking to them or make them wear pirate hats.  You can create and share documents right through Google and watch live while changes are made.  As I sat in awe, they sat laughing.  I guess if you’ve been in school within the past 10 years, you know all of this.  And I guess Microsoft Word and Powerpoint aren’t the “cool” ways of doing things anymore.  I have to admit that these new ways do seem a lot better…if only I can figure out how to use them without someone there to walk me through the steps.

Lesson on Google

Status Updates Stat

So apparently a few things have changed in the past 10 years since I was in college.  Like for example- everyone has a laptop.  Everyone.  And they’re allowed out in class.  Had my first class not been E Marketing and had I not read in the syllabus that I was supposed to bring my computer to class, I’m not even sure the thought would have crossed my mind.  No one even owned a laptop when I was an undergrad.  We all had desktops.  Nice big computers that all the dads had to set up during move in day.  I’m not even sure that we had wireless internet during my first couple of years.  I seem to remember lots of wires and cords that would somehow get lost during the summer and result in a last minute Wal-Mart run.  Not anymore.  Now, everyone brings their sleek new laptops to class and connects wirelessly.  And not just in E Marketing.  In every class.  With a lot of Facebook on the screens.  During my first week of classes I would look around in shock.  The professor would be in the front giving a lecture and the girl next to me would be chatting on Facebook about something that apparently couldn’t wait for 2 hours.  And being nosy, I kind of wanted to know what it was.  An emergency at the sorority house?  An ex boyfriend spotting?  But looking around, there were quite a few more people updating their statuses.  Not so much the people my age.  We all just looked around to see if anyone was going to get in trouble.  Not sure what that would consist of.  Detention maybe?  Nope…the professor just continued teaching as if he had everyones full attention and I finally gave up on trying to read out of the corner of my eye.

Oh, and apparently you don’t have to ask to be excused to use the restroom either….

Well maybe not THAT old…

Ok, ok…I may not be completely over the hill but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel at least halfway up it when being back on a college campus almost 10 years after graduating as an undergrad.  From realizing laptops are now allowed in classrooms (oh wait, no one had a laptop the first time I was at school) to figuring out what the latest fashion trends are (note to self, it is definitely not black pants and flip flops anymore), this blog will be where I share my experiences.  The good, bad, and the funny.  Enjoy.